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Downloads, Templates & Support for Organizing, Growing and Sustaining
Your Nutrition Group Private Practice

Starting and growing your private practice can feel so overwhelming!

From choosing a name, and deciding how much to charge, to figuring out how to start marketing yourself…there are so many opportunities and options out there that it can feel like A LOT to figure out alone!

I started my practice almost 4 years ago and have built a thriving and growing group practice – all while working less than 20 hours a week (thanks mostly to having my toddler smack dab in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in July of 2020!)

I’ve had a lot of time to figure out how to stay organized and how to identify what to focus my energy on! 

If you’re ready to take the leap and start growing your own private practice or expanding into group practice, I’d love to help you along the way!

Take a look around for free resources, downloads and business coaching options available if you’re looking for some individual support!


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One on One Business Coaching & Consultation

So that being in the mess of growing your private practice doesn’t feel so messy…or isolating!

Whether you’re just starting to consider hiring or feeling overwhelmed with growing your team, I can support you on what your needs are. The coaching sessions are all individual and based upon you and your goals. 

From big picture goal setting to the figuring out systems that work to keep you organized and how to do the day-to-day!


Here are some areas I specialize in helping clinicians in:

  • Creating systems so you can stop feeling so unorganized
  • How to identify a strategy to getting referrals and retaining your clients!
  • Group practice growth – how to set up payroll, insurance credentialing for a team, and allll the logistical details you’re stressing over!

Let’s work together to identify what steps you need to take so you can stop waiting until you have it all PERFECTLY figured out – because perfect doesn’t exist! 

Each session is 50 minutes long, where we’ll hop on a video chat and get to work – the cost per each session is $165

If you’re interested in getting started, book your first session using the request link below! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me via email, eva@thereclaimcollective.org

Some of My Favorite Online Resources

Favorite Business Podcasts
Group Practice Online Resources
Facebook Groups That Have Been Lifesavers (for free info and lots of support!)
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Have a specific question in mind or simply get more information? Contact us to chat more!