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Meet Amanda!


Available Virtually in New York, Pennsylvania & More! 

Hi there! I’m Amanda!

I am a fat-positive, weight inclusive Registered Dietitian and I am passionate about helping people heal their relationship with food and their body. 

I work with adolescents and teens (13+) and adults of all ages.

  • Are you tired of constantly yo-yo dieting and ready to finally end your relationship to diets but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you interested in exploring what healing your relationship to food might look or feel like?
  • Are you needing support in your recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating?
  • Are you wanting to explore body image and learn to heal from body shame?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I may be the right clinician for you!

I believe all bodies are good bodies and that you are deserving of love and worthiness in any body. Sadly, I know that most us have a hard time believing and feeling that. Having an eating disorder, struggling with disordered eating, or even just feeling out of alignment with your relationship to food is time consuming and downright frustrating. It’s all you can think and talk about, and it takes away so much from your life.

You deserve so much more.

You deserve a break from diet culture and that critical eating disorder voice that tells you what to do, how to eat and that you are not good enough unless your body looks a certain way or eats a certain way.

You may be asking yourself, can I still work with you if I don’t have a diagnosed eating disorder, or fit into the criteria above?” And the answer is, ABSOLUTELY. Schedule a FREE discovery call now so we can see if we’re the right fit for you!

You’re ready to stop fighting your body, yet dieting feels like the only way.

But you’re here now because you’re tired and ready for change…

Tired of feeling like you don’t have the willpower to succeed in a diet, or in your eating disorder

Tired of attaching your worth to the number on the scale, size of your clothes or how you look in the mirror

Tired of not feeling good enough and that your appearance is the most important thing about you

Tired of the constant anxiety & thoughts about food, calories, and how to shrink your body

I know that recovery looks different for everyone and together, we’ll figure out what that means to you.

At your pace. With your own goals. I am here to meet you where you are at.

You deserve to take up space and you are worthy of recovery and being loved.
You are safe here.

More Details and FAQ’s about Amanda

Amanda's Counseling Style & Approach

In our work, I love to use a combination of approaches during sessions. I take a self-care focused approach when utilizing Intuitive Eating principles, am fiercely anti-diet and Health At Every Size aligned, combining all from a social justice perspective. I am fat positive and weight inclusive, so you can know that you are safe in our sessions from any diet talk or weight loss focused approaches.

Through all of the above, compassion and gentleness are my main methods. We will go at a pace that you are comfortable with and I will always meet you where you are at.

As your provider, I want to learn about you, your lived experience and your journey in life that has lead you here. We will go at the pace as you’re comfortable with and work together to help you find healing & peace.

Amanda's Specialties

Adolescents & teens (ages 13+) and adults who have active eating disorders, folks wanting recovery from their eating disorder or disordered eating, and those who are struggling with body shame. 

More About Amanda

I have two dogs named Monterey Jack and Feta Louise, animal crossing is my favorite Nintendo switch game (I have a 5 star island 😉), winter is my favorite season, and I collect plants.

Professional Background & Credentials

Amanda received her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh and her Masters of Science in Nutrition along with her Dietetic Internship from Marywood University. She has previous experience working in community nutrition with low income individuals and working as a Clinical Dietitian in Scranton, PA and has been with Reclaim Nutrition since 2022.

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